Les Grandes Dames Tournament Results

Last week's tournament was a huge success. We had a total of 13 members who represented our club in one way or another. Congratulations to those members!

Tangerine Manning
(W45 Singles Winner)

Carolyn Nichols
(W55 Singles Finalist)

Steffani Lomax
(W55 Singles Consolation Winner)

Cheryl Hicks/Sheri Adler
(W55 Doubles Finalist)

Cindy LePrevost/Ann Stanley
(W65 Doubles 3rd Place)

Helga Immerfall/Deborah Rhodes
(W65 Doubles Consolation Winner)

Lola O'Sullivan
(W75 Sinlges Consolation Finalist)

Margy Edumunds/Kay Britt
(W75 Doubles Consolation Winner)

Lucille Kyvallos
(W85 Sinlges Winner)

A special thank you and congratulations to Margy, who not only organized the tournament, but also competed in two events!