Tennis Club ? Welcome to Our Tennis club

Our Fitness Center sets a lofty standard in terms of equipment and services. The facility includes, all the cardiovascular & strength training equipment needed to lead an active lifestyle.


In addition to these state-of-the-art amenities, what truly sets Lauderdale Tennis Club’s Fitness Center apart from other facilities are cutting-edge fitness evaluations and physical training programs designed specifically for each members’ needs. Kelly Painter, who has 15 years of  experience as a Certified Personal Trainer, is consulting with Lauderdale Tennis Club to create programs that address a variety of goals which include— losing weight, enhancing flexibility, gaining strength/muscle tone and increasing physical performance (speed, power, recovery, endurance, agility, etc.) for your tennis game. These customized programs are based on an in-depth, no-fee consultation. Consultations include a review of health and fitness history, creation of health and fitness goals and a customized sample training session.

To learn more about a consultation and programs please call the Clubhouse front desk @ (954)763-8657 to schedule a complimentary appointment with Kelly Painter.